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Joe Vitale“You can no longer complain about needing more clients again because the answers are inside this book. An amazing, jam-packed-treasure-chest of “client attraction” tactics for you to apply immediately!“

~ Joe Vitale
Featured on “The Secret”

Andrew and Daryl Grant"Bret helped us with just one of these Client Rush strategies and we made over $300,000 in under 5 months. This is an easy-to-read power packed book crammed to the brim with powerful examples, explanations and stories of proven breakthrough marketing secrets. It's one of those rare and valuable books you'll revisit over and over again." 

~ Andrew and Daryl Grant
Leading Internet Marketing Experts

Mal Emery"Bret is one of the most talented copywriters and marketers ever to come out of this country. His must-read book, Client Rush is a treasure chest for any business owner. It's jam-packed with practical solutions for finding clients in warp speed time... without breaking the bank."

~ Mal Emery
Millionaire Maker, Best Selling Author, Business Coach and Mentor to 1000's, Speaker, Marketing and Internet Multi Millionaire.

Konrad Bobilak"This book can turn your business around fast. And I should know. Just one of the breakthrough strategies from this book made us over $3.76 million dollars in pure profits."

~ Konrad Bobilk
CEO of Property Direct, Author, Speaker.

Sean Roach"Brilliant, entertaining and insightful! This is the ultimate client attraction tool kit al wrapped in one book. A must-read for any business owner online or offline."

~ Sean Roach
CEO, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach.

Jamie McIntyre"Bret has the amazing ability to create campaigns that can dramatically grow companies overnight. Client Rush is a timeless and valuable classic that should be on the bookshelves of businessperson in Australia."

~ Jamie McIntyre
CEO of 21st Century Education

Spike Humer"In this dog-eat-dog competitive business world... you need all help you can get to out-think and out-perform your competition. And this powerful book has an ocean of ideas, tactics and examples to do just that. An essential asset for any business." 

~ Spike Humer
Entrepreneurial Business Growth Expert

"Finally! An all-in-one book that masterfully combines direct-response marketing knowledge, compelling persuasion skills and proven client-attracting strategies. The content in this book should be packaged up and sold as a home study course for $2,500! Even then, it would still be a steal"

~ Andrew And Angela Smith
Australia's #1 Business and Lifestyle Coaches for Tradesman

Pete Godfrey"Pure Gold. No more sulking about not finding clients... Problem solved when you extract the gold from this masterpiece book! Bret's entertaining and engaging writing style will keep you hooked all the way... Plus give you an endless supply of client attraction solutions you can use right off the bat."

~ Pete Godfrey
World Renown Copywriter, Sales Strategist and Launch Expert, Speaker, Coach

Adam Gibson"Client Rush is possibly the most comprehensive book on Direct Response Marketing In Australia. If there ever was a university course for finding clients, customers or patients, this would be the only textbook you'd need."

~ Adam Gibson
Leading Business Coach For Health Professionals Internationally

Darren Stephens“Bret Thomson is an awesome Copy Writer.”

Just one of the letters he did for me, created over $100,000 in extra business, in just 7 days!

He is a genius!”

~ Darren Stephens
Best Selling Author, 10 Day Turnaround

Greg Cassar“I have had the pleasure of working with Bret Thomson on multiple different clients.

Bret is a true master of compelling words. Bret Thomson has mastered that art of taking a clients product or service and getting in the head of the prospects deepest wants, needs, fears, frustrations and desires.

From there Bret skillfully comes up with ‘the big idea’ for a campaign and then massages it into compelling words on paper. These compelling words ultimately result in money in the bank for his ever growing client base. I would strongly recommend Bret’s services and still use them to this day myself”

~ Greg Cassar
Internet Marketing Strategist

Steve PlummerWorking with Bret Changes Lives…

“Working with Bret Thomson changes people’s lives. I’ve experienced it first hand with my own life and with the business lives of clients we have worked on together. Bret has an uncanny ability (a ‘gift’ really) to analyse a business, zero in on the right message for their market and then his creativity and flare produce the magic copy to bring in the bucks.

I was successful but unhappy in my old job yet thanks to his expert guidance, support and ability to pass on his considerable knowledge, my life has been changed forever, to the point where I’ve landed a fulltime, 6-figure copywriting gig with none other than master marketer Mal Emery! Thanks Bret, I’ll be forever indebted to you.”

~ Steve Plummer
Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

Matt and Liz RaadBret’s information, expertise and advice have been fantastic.

He knows all the lastest trends, and his cutting edge expertise means that you get to hear what’s working out there in the marketplace and what’s not – and that is worth literally thousands of dollars to us.

Bret really gets to the heart of a business, and is not only an incredibly skilled copywriter, but also a great bloke who has the wonderful ability to give constructive criticism in the nicest possible way!

Thanks again Bret

~ Matt and Liz Raad

“When I looked at a sales letter I could recognise a great one from an average one … but I didn’t know why. When I attended Bret Thomson’s 7 Hour Sales Letter workshop in 2009, Bret revealed the fool proof strategies for writing a top gun sales letter. The mystery was unwrapped … and once I understood the structure – have been easily able to duplicate the process – time and time again.

I was so impressed with Bret’s copywriting workshop – I joined his copywriting training program … and haven’t looked back. Twelve months later, I now write copy for some of the top internet marketers in Australia.

~ Julie Lewin